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Ike Cohen's 92nd birthday

Published on: Apr 09, 2003

Category: General At a press conference at the Manchebo Beach Resort, owner Ike Cohen personally greeted press members at the French Steakhouse. The gathering designed to promote his upcoming 7th annual Charity Fair held in honor of his birthday, was especially rewarding.

Breakfast at the Waterfront Crabhouse

Published on: Apr 09, 2003

Category: Restaurants A good reason to going into town! Have you been meaning to go downtown shopping? Stop by the Waterfront Crabhouse, make it your morning's breakfast destination. With more than 130 items on the new revamped menu, breakfast is a good excuse to going into town, and shopping afterwards a real treat.

Shop till you drop – at the new improved Ling & Sons

Published on: Mar 20, 2003

Category: General Almost one year ago I reported that Ling & Sons approached a top local contractor, Albo, to do the building, design, permits, in short, the works, for a new-age food emporium, at the back of the store’s existing location.

The Minister of Culture displays his art collection

Published on: Mar 20, 2003

Category: General At Cas di Cultura, the personal collection of Ramon and Maria Lee is on display. The Minister of Culture and his wife started collecting local art, when first married, about 30 years ago.

La Cabana Resort completely paints Cas Pa Huventud

Published on: Mar 20, 2003

Category: General Some community work was included on the agenda of last year's Ace Convention. The American visitors, all Aruba Certified Experts, participated in a conference organized by the ATA.

Friends of the Handicapped give away thousands

Published on: Mar 20, 2003

Category: General At Casa del Mar's members' lounge the annual giveaway of Friends of the Handicapped was a joyous occasion.

Animal Rights Aruba now barks and bites

Published on: Mar 20, 2003

Category: General Animal Rights Aruba has a new president. Gerry Mans. The man who helped revolutionize the Aruba Gastronomic Association will now be contributing his vast knowledge and experience to Animal Rights Aruba.

The King is dead, long live the King

Published on: Mar 14, 2003

Category: General In the presence of the press, New Millennium Telecom Services was pronounced a thing of the past with Digicel replacing it as Aruba’s upcoming telecom service provider. NMTS, a company established by two young ambitious lawyers, set out to fight the monopoly of Setar, Aruba’s sole telecom service provider.

Aruba Gears Up For a Series of Races

Published on: Feb 05, 2003

Category: General Participants from across the world are putting on their running shoes in preparation for racing season in Aruba.

Phone numbers change in Aruba

Published on: Feb 04, 2003

Category: General Since February 1, 2003 Aruba's phone numbers have expanded to 7 digits.