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La Cabana Resort completely paints Cas Pa Huventud

Some community work was included on the agenda of last year's Ace Convention. The American visitors, all Aruba Certified Experts, participated in a conference organized by the Aruba Tourism Authority. About two dozen of them donned work clothes and headed out for Cas Pa Huventud, where the Ace Embrace program reached out to paint and fix the building. The initiative was that of tireless Colleen LeSard. She is the program coordinator in the US. On one of her previous visits, Colleen contacted Cas Pa Huventud director Rosanna van Dijk and initiated the project. Much to Colleen's chagrin, the work could not be finished with just a few hours of volunteer labor. In walk the professionals, the Engineering department of La Cabana All Suite Beach Resort.

La Cabana All Suite Beach Resort undertook the task of finishing what the visitors started and over the last few days, completely painted Cas Pa Huventud, inside and outside, filling cracks, fixing loose tiles, patching ceilings, and giving the home for teens from troubled families a very friendly brand new yellow coat.

Eithel Petrochi recruited 25 hotel employees each day, for 8 hours a day, times 6 days - a whopping 1,200 man-hours to complete the much needed face-lift. It was a wonderful gesture on behalf of the guests giving back to the island community, and it is a great gift from the resort, making the Ace Embrace dream, a reality.

Paint was donated via local hardware stores among them B. J. Arends. Brushes, ladders, tools and paint buckets were all delivered by the resort, with the blessings of general manager Lou Roelofsen, who personally inspected the job and declared it well done. La Cabana All Suite Beach Resort spearheaded the project working shoulder to shoulder with the visitors, and this entire last week, completed the job - Eithel also provided them with great music all day to fuel their enthusiasm, "their cooperation was beyond my wildest dreams," he reports. In the pictures, before and after and during, snapshots taken at Cas Pa Huventud all week.

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