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Winner of the 2002/2003 and Island Temptations sweepstakes spent a fun-filled vacation in Aruba, courtesy of Aruba's most popular website and the award-winning magazine.

Martha and Joe Cochran from Florida were the lucky winners of the sweepstakes and enjoyed first-class accommodations, activities and fine dining on their first trip to Aruba. The trip is best left in their own words...

Martha Cochran wrote: "What can I say?  My husband and I had an awesome trip.  The resort, food, tours, and of course the people were all great....we tried to explain how wonderful it all was, but words just can't tell it.  I want to thank you and for the trip of a life time.

I love to travel, and Aruba was a place I had never visited, but we do plan to come back, and hopefully bring people with us.  We have already been talking to friends and telling them we need to go back.  I can't tell you which restaurant we liked best, they were all GREAT!  The sailing and kayaking were terrific. 

Jo-Anne at the Wyndham took extra care of us, we received wine, Champagne and a fruit basket.  We couldn't have paid for a trip and received the treatment we received.  Plus ARUBA people were so nice and friendly.  I feel that just saying Thank You doesn't let you know how greatful we are for all you did. Thank you very much and tell all that participated we thought they were awesome."

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