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Fly like 007 in Aruba with an adrenaline-fueled, water-propelled jetpack

Aruba-Thrills-01.jpgCourtesy of the Caribbean News Digital

It may be a holiday idyll, with year-round sunshine and sweeping white sand beaches, but Aruba is also the location for James Bond-style thrills.

Flying like OO7 with a jet-propelled backpack is the latest craze to hit Aruba’s beaches, offering holidaymakers an adrenalin-fueled break from sunbathing or sampling the island’s cocktails.

This hi-tech thrill, JetLev, gives visitors the chance to soar 30 feet into the air and hover over the water. It uses a water-propelled jetpack, with the system powered by a floating 225 horsepower unit, pumping up to 1,000 gallons of water per minute. This unit is connected to the user’s back pack by a hose.

With safety in mind, the jetpack’s throttle can be controlled remotely by an instructor who will guide the rider on how to use the controls during their initial flight. A flight assistant accompanies each JetLev pilot.

Every user is given a thorough briefing by a certified instructor, who explains its safe use and who is also able to communicate with the user during the flight.


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