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Cafe Du Monde invites you

Café du Monde at the heart of Santa Cruz in now open. Owner Gladys Henriquez invited some press members and close friends for the debut of the café, Thursday night. Then on Saturday evening she hosted the Grand Opening, for the general public. Gladys, well remembered from her years at Playa Linda Beach Resort recruited local decor diva Claudia Ruiz Vasquez for interior design, and together they came up with a cozy formula, white walls and mouseline drapes, stainless steel coffee cups and lamps.

Pottery Barn, naturally. It's all cute and clean and inviting, with coffee beans imported from around the globe and ground to order. Astrid Muller and Audry Lacle, both Gladys' close friends, pitched in for the successful official opening slicing cake, serving cocktails. They are both proud of Gladys, a resident of Santa Cruz, who is now her own boss, a dynamic small entrepreneur . . .



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