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At the Hilton Aruba Resort & Casino Team Recognition Ceremony Rewards Excellence

At the recent Team Members’ recognition thirty-five of Hilton Resort’s best employees were recognized for excellence in the month of May. The nomination process is quite unique as employees are encouraged to recommend each other for the team member of the month, and by doing so, they make their observations public. 

The nomination process at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino is quite unique as employees are encouraged to recommend each other for the Team Member of the month recognition, and by doing so, they make their observations public. 

They also submit a small summary of the efforts they witnessed, and share the going-the-extra-mile stories with their colleagues. 

Among winners for the Month of May, from Engineering, Harkin Henry; from the back of the house departments Sheila Stamper (Reservations); from the front of the house departments Kimberley Akins (Front Office); from Housekeeping Melania Wolff tied with Idalisa Joaquin from the Uniform Room; from the Kitchen & Stewarding Anselmo Webb, and from Food & Beverage, Rosendo Richardson. 

A number of supervisors exceeded all expectations in May, among them Grace Geerman from the Rooms department, Jacqueline Leyba from Food & Beverage, Margarita Maduro from HR and Administration and Benito Croes from the Kitchen.  

From among managers, four were honored with the coveted Manager of the Month recognition, among them Nunette Maduro, Sales & Marketing, and Bibi Ohab, Housekeeping. They were joined by Angelique Croes, HR and Administration and Lij Heron, Food & Beverage, whom all received public praise for their endeavors. They were each singled out and praised for their specific contributions. 

Team Members on hand at the award ceremony enjoyed the extra-mile stories and anecdotes recounted, as certificates were handed out to winners.

Some of the stories were especially poignant. Jacky Leyba, declared a multi-tasker and a hands-on supervisor, makes sure her F&B supplies never run down, and willingly works on her off day; Sheila Stamper is a great example to her peers, and can be relied on to deliver accurate work, in the spirit of cooperation, and team play; Melania Wolf,  a “one of a kind,” does her work with passion and dedication, engaging with all guests, making them feel at home away from home, and Margarita Maduro, whose professionalism and kind demeanor, topped by a big smile, make her a standout among staffers. 

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