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Aruba Nights Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Aruba Nights is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, and it’s been quite a ride! The Aruba Nights team has always endeavored to provide their readers and visitors with the most up-to-date, in-depth, and interesting content about this happy little 20-mile-long island to ensure their stay on Aruba is always out of this world.

Over the years their quality publications  have reached tens of millions of visitors, won awards, helped businesses thrive, and brought people together both at home and abroad. As the longest continually running magazine on the island, their goal has always been to seek out the best possible experiences and showcase our local people, color, and culture of this uniquely beautiful island.

They are very proud to have contributed over $2 million in partnership with AHATA over the past 15 years to help promote Aruba's tourism industry, and take great pride in being their first publication.

Aruba Nights extends a big thank you to their loyal clients and dedicated readers. Also, to Aruba for allowing them to be Aruba’s premier magazine since 1987 and for embracing them like family!

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