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La Cabana's Emergency Brigade

The Brigade with Lou RoelofsenLa Cabana's Emergency Brigade baptized its brand new fire-fighting uniforms recently. The champagne cork was popped by resort General Manager Lou Roelofsen. We are here to serve not just our hotel but also our community, says Angel Rojas the chief of the brigade, one of La Cabana's top engineers. The brigade is made up of volunteers who are trained and certified in a variety of emergency, medical and rescue procedures. Members study and practice and are prepared for all eventualities. It inspires confidence, reports Lou Roelofsen when a resort the size of La Cabana is equipped to respond to any situation, answer all calls, undertake any challenge. The brigade toasted the uniforms and was called on an emergency, a mock-fire, as management started the fog machine and watched the volunteers go through an impeccable drill exercise. Always prepared, is our motto, reports Angel

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