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Fund Raising for the Red Cross

Magic in actionMagic 96.5 organized a mega fund-raiser during the weekend targeting the Red Cross Aruba. The popular radio station set out to collect over Afls 70.000 and by 8 p.m. reached its goal. Station owner Erin Croes recruited all of her radio broadcasting stars, Ruben Garcia, Ivantje Kelly, Gerald Bislik. They kept a direct transmission going for 12 hours on Saturday, January 25th, and as the day came to an end between phone pledges and actual donations, they were able to pronounce a very successful radio-ton. Magic 96.5 often gets involved in fund raising and community projects and this time the Red Cross was the fortunate beneficiary of the public undertaking. Among other donations received, Tromp Roofing, a construction company, pledged to repair the Red Cross office roof which is leaking, free of charge. The Red Cross is very active here on the island during Carnival and Erin cleverly linked Carnival to the organization in order to move the people of Aruba to dig deep into their pockets. The entertaining radio transmission enjoyed live music all day. A giant brass band dropped in for a set, then a hot salsa band. Donations were solicited via the phone from listeners at home and also simply in the street mid-traffic, as the station hosted the lively happening.     

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