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Matthews Aruba Beachside Restaurant Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary!

  • Published on: Jul 06, 2017
  • By: VisitAruba
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July 1st, 2017 marked Matthews Aruba Beachside Restaurant's ten year anniversary! To celebrate they held a cocktail event, inviting many friends, family, loyal customers and team members. Their anniversary was not the only thing being celebrated, they also launched their newly transformed restaurant!

Included in the restaurant changes was an appealing recreated logo and the reviving of the bright and lively colors of the Matthews restaurant.

It was a lovely day filled with love and appreciation among family, friends, loyal customers, suppliers and their growing team. The event was hosted by the owners Stefan and Milca Legger. Joyride band was present with great live music, everyone enjoyed tasteful appetizers, special drinks and they even received gifts on behalf of the entire Matthews team.

The event was dedicated to their hard working staff members that have been with them through all of the 10 fantastic years! Sir Humphrey Tromp (aka Chief), Mrs Lucila Fundador, Mrs Nancy Weller, Sir Luis Arniba and Mrs Dionicia Arias. They were celebrated and acknowledged with a check and gifts.

Furthermore a presentation of a valuable speech was given by owner Stefan Legger and his son Nathan Matthew Legger. Matthews Beachside Restaurant is named after the owner’s son Nathan Mathew. An explanation was given about the institution called St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, an institution which Matthews Beachside Restaurant decided to support for their 10th year anniversary. The owner’s son Nathan is currently the board director at his school in Tampa for this cause and he wanted to help raise their annual goal of $35,000 to help cancer patients in need.

Matthews is extremely proud of all of their achievements and look forward to many successful years ahead!

They are so very thankful for all their guests and supporters for the first 10 joyous and adventurous years. As a expression of gratitude to locals, they are offering a 10% dinner discount on any choice from their menu.

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