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Artist Nancy Hernandez is back in town

Artist Nancy Hernandez is back in town. As you recall she lived here with Dutch born dive instructor husband, before leaving to go to Argentina. Her last exposition in Aruba was two years ago, in December, at the Wyndham Aruba Hotel & Casino. She showed many scenes from Argentina's wine country. This time around missing the Caribbean and the fish and the underwater world, she dedicates most of her work to the ocean, and her work is very colorful. Nancy is now a grape grower in Mendoza Argentina. Her finca makes its own wine, which is highly rated, a natural product without any preservative. She lives in a place where barter is a part of life, remember Argentina is in economic trouble - take my peaches give me eggs - and where jam-making is a seasonal ritual. Going back to nature, she grows strawberries the size of pingpong balls, she says, but misses Aruba dearly. . . .

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