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Blue Green is high-gear for the upcoming highseason

The team of Blue Green properties touring visitors at La Cabana All Suite Beach Resort is gearing up for the high season. We're currently offering the unsold inventory of the Racket Club, says Director of Sales, Harold de Koning. The villas project, under the watchful eye of its trustee and curator is an entirely different company, he adds.

De Koning goes on to explain that La Cabana All Suite Beach Resort has always enjoyed happy owners, besides a motivated salesteam. "We have an extraordinary product," De Konning elaborates, "you get things here you don't get anywhere else, and hopefully once the villas emerge from their restructuring effort, those units will too be sold to happy owners by that same motivated team."

Regrettably, the is some confusion in the market about the issue, De Konning concludes, however things at the Racket Club are truly in line and on target. The company is solid and stable, de Konning informs, and successfully operated by the Owner's Association. Last year, he relays, the legal transfer of the assets was conducted by a local notary, and Blue Green naturally helped finance the transfer.

Blue-Green is currently basking in the glory of a record year, having reaped 200 million dollars net revenues worldwide. The company is also continuously adding luxury resorts to its system, and the intention is in the near future to open a branch of Blue Green's international sales also in Aruba.       

"La Cabana All Suite Beach Resort has a tradition of updating the owners of the ongoing upgrades and additional guest services," de Koning offers. "That constant tinkering with the product, is the resort's secret to success," he reveals. With four-thousand additional fixed weeks for sale, boasting an estimated sales tag of thirty millions, De Koning reports looking forward to a bright future, and so is his dynamic team.

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