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Eliza Lejuez color bursts at Amazonia Churrascaria

Local businessman Rene Kan read with great interest an extensive interview with artist Eliza Lejuez in the Fall edition of Island Temptations Magazine. He immediately called the young talented painter with a project in mind, commissioning six giant original works for Amazonia Churrascaria.  "I had no subject in mind," he says, "I just liked her colors, and thus we decided to showcase her art on the restaurant walls."

Eliza set out to paint and at the end a ten-week creative process delivered not just six but eight canvases to Amazonia Churrascaria.. "I was so enthusiastic with the project," she said, "that I kept working and interpreting symbols which continued to flow out of my paint-brush onto canvas."

The abstract works, each measuring 2,40x1,20 meters, weighing in excess of 40kg each, were delivered Wednesday to the restaurant. "I am extremely satisfied," says art connoisseur/restaurateur Rene Kan. Amazonia's new art collection, will enhance the atmosphere of the Brazilian Rodizio style steakhouse even further, with vibrant lively colors. 

Asked what he was planning to do with the old paintings, Kan replied, "we were not sure yet, but we are probably going to hold an auction and give the proceeds to a charity such as "Fundacion Salba Nos Burico", which is the charity taking care of the wild donkeys on Aruba". Kan, through his other companies on the island, is known to give hundreds of thousands of florins each year to the needy-- focusing mostly on kids and the elderly. This time proceeds from the art auction will go to a foundation working on behalf the endangered local wild donkeys.


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