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Miss Aruba celebrated

George Luis Reyes & Clyde Fuenmayor, two talented hair stylist and makeup artists arrived in Aruba in 1993, in search of a promising future. They worked hard, and as they served their clients with dedication and great care, their list of followers grew, making them two of the most popular hair specialists on the island. Five years ago they decided to venture out on their own and open an independent hair salon.


This weekend at La Pachanga Cafe George & Clyde hosted a glamorous cocktail party celebrating their latest success. Three out of five finalists in the Miss Aruba 2003 pageant, were discovered then polished and styled at the Stars Hair Studio, under the watchful eye of a professional staff aided by Ronchi de Cuba, a famed dress designer who in turn assigned all gown-making to talented couturier Diego Hiraldo.


George & Clyde introduced their three super divas, Miss Aruba Fatima Salie, first runner-up Nathalie Bierrmans, and finalist Falon Lopez, presenting them with flowers, kisses and words of gratitude for their efforts and their superior performance.


Also in attendance some of George & Clyde past winners, former Miss Aruba 1997 Wendy Lacle, whom they credit with lighting the competitive fires under the studio. "With Wendy's victory, we started grooming and polishing candidates," George says, "and have recently enjoyed great success with Monique van De Horn, in a Davines hair contest in Las Vegas."


On the island the beauty queens manufactured by the Star Hair Studio include finalist Anouska Lie Yen Tain, in 1998, Miss Aruba Tamara Scaroni, in 1999, Miss Aruba Denise Balinge, in 2000, runner-up Monique v d Horn, in 2001, and runner up Lainda Westerhof, in 2002. The outgoing Miss Aruba 2002, Malayca Rasmijn, gained international recognition landing in the top ten of Miss World as well as Rachelle Oduber, who won Miss World Caribbean, in 2002.


"This year," informs Clyde, "opened with a bang as Miss Teen Daisey Loepstok landed the crown, then came the successes of the Miss Aruba Pageant. "  The crew of the Star Hair Studio among them Angie Davila, Alexander Tehada, Ladys Mendoza, Neglis Ortiz, Julia Hernandez & Yuraima Reyes hosted press people and VIP guests with the same care they give their clients at the salon. It was an excellent evening enjoyed by all.

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