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A local song bird spreads her wings

A local song bird spreads her wings

Our roving photographer caught Thannee Hassell, at Jamaica Me Krazy, having lunch while on the island on vacation, visiting her parents. Yes, the pretty young woman is Max's baby daughter, and she is spreading her musical wings, right as we speak. She's just cut a music CD in the US, titled "Thannee." Pre-launch I got to listen to four songs, music and lyrics by Thannee and her dad, a famed guitarist and singer on the island. As the producer of the CD, Thannee supplied more than the vocals; she is also the pro tools engineer in charge of mixing, she also plays keys.


The album's first song "As Long As" is a declaration of love. The song's Reggae beat is laced with harmonies typical to music from the 70s, it is also sprinkled with a bit of mellow-rap. "As long as the world we live in has love," Thannee recites, "You take it like a blessing and you cherish it above, every other insignificant distraction."


A song titled "Tomorrow" boasting a sunshiny Caribbean beat, is humorous and fun, discussing the fickle nature of love, "One day yes, one day no, and another maybe," Thannee complains, finally threatening at the end of the song, to leave by noon. Period. 


The third composition, a beautiful acoustic guitar tune, sounding very Mediterranean in mood, is called the "Boy Cast a Spell on Me." Thannee's voice is haunting and lost when she describes how in a flash she was gone, as such is the nature of love. 


The last of the four selected on Thannee's debut CD is also entertaining, revealing the singer's less serious side, "Not a cloud, in the sky," she sings, "no me can't see, not a cloud in the sky." Once with her lover, a carefree existence overtakes her, convincing her of the impossible - that there are no more clouds in the sky, even on a rainy day! The track is peppered with a remote phone conversation, a male voice, and other playful sound bites. Thannee's first CD is a winner. The boy who cast the spell is destined to cast his spell at the top of the charts.


Definitely Aruba’s home-grown Madonna is going places. Born to Ingrid and Max in Oranjestad the little one already broke into international arenas when she appeared here on the island as part of the line up for Shaggy’s successful concert. Mom Ingrid is an active member of the Women’s Club of Aruba. She also operated a popular daycare center for little ones, for many years. Max is a musician. One third of Trio Azteka and a much in demand troubadour. Thannee’s brother Dax is a poet and a writer. Both studied and now live overseas. 

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