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Desmond Tutu celebrates Mother's Day at Le Dome

The winner of the 1984 Nobel peace prize, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, of South Africa, spent a number of days here in Aruba as the guest of Simply Aruba N.V., a foundation dedicated to spiritual matters. He was the invited guest-speaker at a dinner event honoring the late Paul Melrose Chase, of Aruba. During his stay, the world famous Nobel laureate found time to brunch at Le Dome, on Mother's Day, where he was warmly received by the owners, Peter, Luc & Werner and their entire staff.

The archbishop enjoyed brunch with his wife - just two of the five courses prepared by the restaurant, and just one drink, Bacardi & Coke, befitting the Caribbean. He was accompanied by a number of close associates. Through brunch the 90 year old archbishop was friendly and animated; he left Aruba en route to Atlanta, Sunday afternoon. "Desmond Tutu was one of the heroes of my youth," says Peter. "We prepared a five course meal with lots of choices from smoked salmon to chicken soup to escargot and fresh grouper. The archbishop was very gracious and praised the food and the service." 

Desmond Tutu kept hope alive in the hearts and minds of millions of South Africans during Apartheid with a powerful vision that justice would come, freedom was unstoppable and one-day all South Africans would be free. Le Dome was extremely busy on Mother's Day playing host to many local families and visiting tourists.

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