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Noah’s Arc opens in Eagle

Sue Ng & Kathleen Powers are the owners of the new pet emporium, Noah's Ark, in Eagle. Their logo was designed by local artist Yoa Beke, and it's a charming wall-length cartoon of all of their favorite dogs. This is a business owned by two women, and it shows. The merchandise is nicely displayed and when you shop, you get a complete education about the products in particular and life in general. Both entrepreneurs are American-born and lived on the island for many years, Sue continuously, Kathleen off and on. They are now resolute to offer the concerned pet owner, a healthy choice of wonderful dog food and supplies at reasonable prices.

Noah’s Ark carries dog food made by Natura, which manufactures two brands: Innova and California Natural, both made with healthy ingredients, brimming with vitamins and minerals. "Natural Is Better," is the company's slogan. In addition to that, the different varieties are specifically designed for healthy seniors, overweight pooches, puppies, and adults. Dog food at Noah’s Ark is not just a bag of generic pellets; it is tailored to pets' individual needs.

Besides premium nuggets and grains, you may find Buddy Biscuits, in a garlic roasted chicken flavor at the store. I smelled them, and resisted the urge to take a bite. Go ahead, said Kathleen, they are made with human grade ingredients, corn free and free of artificial colors. I didn't. Mini, who is my honey, did, and liked them. I have to admit that a doggie with lingering garlic-breath is a refreshing change. 

AccessoriesNoah’s Ark carries many kinds of dog treats in various sizes, collars and leashes, bowls, carrying cases, kennels, and most importantly birthday presents for the canine in your life, gift wrapped attractively, ready to go. A line of natural remedies, Nu-Pet, including Canine Chewable Wafers, Feline Anti-Oxidants, Happy Traveler - a calming herbal formula, Gentle Digest, Royal Coat, and many more products which help promote healthy skin, teeth and shiny coats, will be offered for sale once the Ministry of Health flicks the green light on.

Some of you may recognize Sue. She's been in the watersports business here on the island for at least two decades, selling sailing and snorkeling trips on the beach. Kathleen was also involved with a waterspouts company, when she first arrived here.

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