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Bula Opens at Royal Plaza

A new store at Royal Plaza dreamed up by Yair Lichtenstein. Having been away for seven years, the Marine Biologist is back from the Galapagos islands, with a surf store. Bula is stocked with hi-cut Brazilian bikinis, gorgeous, completely reversible Aaron Chang surf shorts – with silk screen photographs – and many popular brands: Rusty & Reef for boys and girls. Bula also carries must-have Elemenohpee and Wetworks surf boards and Dakine accessories; sun glasses by Spy and nonconformist tee-shirts by No Friends. Blonde girlfriend Susanne von Saalfeld makes charming jewelry from glass found by the ocean. Yair’s partner, David Putnam, originally from Florida, with a background in law, is the curly skate-board guru. Yair decided to return to the island and help promote the sport of surf boarding here via Bula, and is currently attracting long-haired surfers, restless high-schoolers, and shapely women on a quest for sexy beach wear . . .

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